If you were cited for a traffic violation, the court will mail you a reminder notice at the address listed on your ticket. Failure to receive the reminder notice does not excuse your obligation to pay it on or before your appearance date. If you do not receive your reminder notice at least two weeks before your promise to appear or appearance date and do not understand your options, you may come in person to the courthouse, inquire by mail prior to your appearance date, or speak with a clerk. Do not disregard your ticket if you do not receive your reminder notice in the mail. You must appear at the courthouse or settle your case by mail, over the phone or online by the appearance date, whether or not you receive the reminder notice. Read the back of your ticket for additional information. Failure to appear on or before the appearance date may result in an additional fee, a hold placed on your driver’s license and referral to collections.

If you wish to make a court appearance you must call the clerk’s office in which you were cited to appear to Reserve a Court Date.

Correctable violations cannot be paid online unless paid in full without providing corrections. Proof of correction must be presented to the court.

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