Pursuant to California Rule of Court 5.210e(2), Family Court Services provides orientation information regarding the Child Custody Recommending Counseling Process. Per order of the Court, both parties are required to complete orientation prior to the scheduled Child Custody Recommending Counseling appointment at Family Court Services.

The orientation class prepares parents for Child Custody Recommending Counseling by giving an overview of the process. This includes educational information regarding children’s developmental needs and co-parenting skills.

For Spanish - There are two options available to complete the orientation requirement:

Option 1:  Attend the class in person

Class Schedule – Spanish

Option 2:  Complete the online class (APPROXIMATELY 45 MINUTES TO COMPLETE. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Online Orientation – Spanish


Orientation Handouts – Spanish

Family Court Services Questionnaire

Domestic Violence and Custody – Spanish